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About Us

Our core mission is to design, build and test aerial vehicles that will save lives and solve logistic challenges for humans and cargo.

We partner with worldwide experts and research institutions to define the future standards of aerial transportation and test with the most demanding customers. We are always innovating in order to deliver safe, fast and affordable transportation – autonomously, at the push of a button.

Our History

It all started with the Hoverbike. Back in 2009 Chris Malloy, engineer and helicopter pilot, designed and tested this novel aircraft that performed like a helicopter but was safer and cheaper to operate close to the ground.

A further iteration of this vehicle gave birth to P2, an unmanned and electric version with patent-pending design that ensured the best compromise between footprint and aerodynamic efficiency. The new level of autonomy meant additional safety as it eliminates the greatest cause of accidents: human error.

This versatile vehicle that was initially designed for cattle mastering in its manned version, soon proved to be extremely useful for defence and humanitarian organizations doing logistics and resupply operations in difficult environments.

What We Do

We have been doing research and development on VTOL (Vertical Take Off and Landing) technology since Malloy Aeronautic’s foundation in 2013.

Expanding the same principles we used in the Hoverbike, we create and produced a family of heavy-lift unmanned vehicles designed to solve the so-called ‘last mile’ logistics. Given the range of sizes and payloads that can be carried onboard, they are also great assets for universities and research institutions to test special equipment.

We support our customers by doing extensive testing with them, as well as developing new vehicles and mission-specific airborne systems for the most extreme and demanding operations.

Where Are We?

Our Headquarters and base of operations is in the United Kingdom, where we design and fly every new vehicle. We are also present in Australia and especially in the United States, where most of the extended testing with customers is done.

What We Do

As a company we are committed to use our technology to solve challenges and to help save lives.

For the last 5 years we have been working with the US DoD and UK MoD to solve one of the most dangerous scenarios that military and humanitarian organizations repeatedly face: the last mile resupply.

Ground convoys are exposed to high risk due to threats/explosives on terrain missions, resupply activities in contested environment are extremely challenging and costly and individuals often are required to carry heavy loads across disaster or inaccessible zones reducing their agility.

There is an increasing need for ways to reduce risk but ensuring supplies get on time to the point of need. Being able to deliver just what is needed and very often removes the need for expensive machinery or vehicles and increases the chances of reaching remote locations.

We also work with big companies pioneering in the logistics industry. Our vehicles can easily be integrated in vessels and transfer deliveries to shore or to another ship with close to no human intervention.